It was the trip of a lifetime!

It really was.

And just like that it’s all over. What a sad, sad line for me to sit here and have to write. However I must and the sadness I feel is for real.

Our journey to the Kingdom has come and gone. We returned safely this past Saturday evening from Scotland and it didn’t take long for my post trip depression to set in. Just ask my wife about that. It’s a lot stronger and a lot deeper than in years past but that was to be expected. I’ve returned home from a place that up until now have only dreamed about visiting, and now it’s over. Back to reality, back home and left dreaming about a special place called St. Andrews. A place and an experience that will never be forgotten by this very fortunate and very blessed man. Having just completed this one week pilgrimage to the Home of Golf, I’ve been given a lifetime’s worth of great memories of this very special trip. It was everything I had hoped for and more. So much was seen, so much was experienced and many new friends were made. Now so many memories are left fighting for the space inside my brain where only those special ones will forever reside. But I won’t forget a single one that is for certain. It took 3 years to plan, only one week to complete, and the journey is now over. Time to start thinking about a return visit to St. Andrews for a return visit is imminent. I bleed golf. I now bleed St. Andrews too.

Where does one begin to tell the story about the trip of a lifetime? I guess it starts right from the beginning and goes from there (cue music, “Follow the Yellow Brick Road…”). I want to be thorough and not miss any of the “finer” details so that’s what I’ll try to do. From previous posts you may know about the time spent planning and leading up to the trip, now come along and experience the journey with me. I plan to post a daily diary starting from day one up to the day we departed for back home, describing each day’s events, golf related or not, our funny and not so funny moments and sharing a few pictures.  At the end of the diary I’ll be posting a video montage of our trip as one last memory of what the week was for me, and for all of us. That’s being stitched together as I write. There’s much to write about, plenty of stories and pictures to share. I just hope I can get all the words out without getting what my wife calls too “mushy”, as each line I write will without doubt bring up a special memory of a very special place I found at the end of the rainbow, St. Andrews Scotland.

 Follow along and relive with me our “Golf in the Kingdom” journey. It was my trip of a lifetime.



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