Our Home

First tee of The Old Course

There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home…..

Before going on I’m going to toot my horn a little here if you don’t mind and give you a little background to my golf trip planning abilities and credentials. I am what you could call a “trip planning connoisseur”, the “guru of the golf trip.”  I’ve been doing it for myself, friends and family for years since my very first “buddies trip” down to Myrtle Beach SC in 1995. I’ve gotten pretty darn good at it too ever since then, having it down to a science now. My largest group was 22. The smallest was only 3. But every trip was impressive. I can give those major internet companies that specialize in this sort of thing  a real run for the money. I can do it better and I can do it for  less money. If you need references let me know. The general attitude I take is “it’s my vacation so I want to be pampered.”  I do it first class, upscale and  very affordable for everyone. The key for me is finding a place to stay and call our own for the week, not just a hotel room. That being said I prefer renting only private homes. As my groups have become more manageable over the years, with only 4-8 participants, I find that a single, multi bedroom home that we all can share, with nice amenities is the only way to go, and is cost-effective. Is there anything better than waking in the morning  and walking out to your private heated spa with cup of coffee to take in the sunrise view? Even better returning from a great day on the course, making a margarita and then jumping into your private infinity pool with a view of the sun going down behind the Sonoran desert?  I think not. Thanks to the internet finding places like this is as easy as picking up the morning paper at your local convenience store. It’s really that simple and that’s how I like to do it. My friends and family like it too. I’ve rented homes in Kauai (got married there in 2007) with views over Hanalei Bay, to homes is Florida, California and million dollar estates in Scottsdale. There it is – that’s my secret. Don’t tell anyone ok?


Our rental overlooking The Old Course

So for this trip it would be different. However, I wasn’t counting on a private infinity pool there for us. That’s ok though for this trip.  The task was now to find  a place to stay for the four of us. A nice, clean,  3-4 bedroom flat somewhere in St. Andrews close to the town and all the activity. Bueller? Bueller? To the internet we go. Click, click…….click. BINGO.
It didn’t take long for me to hit the jackpot either. I found a nicely furnished 3 bedroom flat , very modern, newly renovated, central to the town. Oh and as a bonus it is pretty close to the Old Course too. Actually its RIGHT ON THE OLD COURSE! That’s’ right folks, this “flat” is located on “The Links”, the road that runs directly parallel to #18 on the Old Course. The first floor flat as it’s called in the UK (Second floor unit for those from the US) overlooks the 1st tee and the 18th green of the Old Course. Are you kidding me? How much closer to the Old Course can you possibly get without getting the greens keepers feathers all ruffled? I get to wake each morning, look out my window and there in front of me is a small piece of heaven?  Somebody pinch me please. Get that deposit check out quickly!  The red circle in the first picture above and the picture of the building shown here on the left is our home for the week.  Not too shabby. I think we’ll all be pretty comfortable and happy here. However there is the fear of being so close to the course that someone could hit a wayward approach shot on 18, having the ball crash through our living room window and right off of someone’s noggin. That would hurt and most likely put a damper on his next round of golf. Could be pretty funny too don’t you think? So long as no one is seriously hurt of course. Any bets?
Here’s a link to our home accommodations:


Next task was figuring out where to play golf that week. How hard could that be?


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