How many times have you heard it said that golf is a metaphor for life? Countless times for me. Do you know what it even means or how to even answer that? Chances are if  you don’t play the game it is hard to explain, but if you are a golfer you probably know what I’m talking about. I know from experience that golf  “IS” a metaphor for life.

Those that know me know that I have a deep passion for playing golf and for the game. It’s been part of my fabric for quite some time now and will continue to be as I move into the next phases of my life.  I would be lying to you if  I told you that I have always been a true “gentlemen” on the course and when playing the game.  I have not. It’s not something that I’m proud of but it’s there. Over recent years I’ve allowed too much of the ridiculousness, the nonsense  and the stressors of the outside world to trespass onto my personal sanctuary of the golf course and the game I love to play. Those uninvited trespassers on the course and in my head stole from me moments that I cannot ever have back. They took from me laughter that I did not allow myself to express when that was exactly what the moment called for. My own pressure of having a certain “number” on the card at the end of the day ruined too many days when the round was only 4 or 5 holes old. Golf is 18 holes Joe!  Those trespassers all made me act like an ass at times. I love this game and I owe it the respect it deserves at all times, especially when I am not playing up to the level I know I can. It’s time for me to rediscover the “complete” joy of golf again.

This upcoming trip to St. Andrews is much more than just a golf trip for me. It is my moment to forever cast away all those demons that have no business invading my game and robbing me of even a moments joy while playing.  I’m  planting my stake firmly in the ground, reclaiming the sanctuary of being out on the course, one with the course, enjoying every single moment, good shots or bad, low scores or high ones. This trip is my golf re-birth, on the sacred grounds of St. Andrews where golf was born hundreds of years ago. My golf passion is coming “home”, full circle if you will.

I’m posting this because I read an article today from a blog I follow “The Mindful Golfer” that really puts it all in perspective and explained it to me in a way I have never heard before. The words resonated with me on so many levels and I wanted to share the article here on my blog. I invite anyone who loves this game like I do to read other posts from that blog as Stephen does have a way with words. Please enjoy!


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