“Golf in the Kingdom.”  The preeminent golf novel penned in 1971 by Michael Murphy about discovering your “soul” of  the game. To that and its’ immortal character Shivas Irons I pay homage with  this blog site, in my search of the same.

Teeing off in Princeville, Kauai

Hello, my name  is Joe and I’m a golf addict.  (everyone) “Hello Joe!”
Hi everyone.  My full name is Joseph LeClair and I live just outside of Boston Massachusetts. If you haven’t already guessed – SPOILER ALERT –  I’m an avid golfer. Yes I am. My wife may have a slightly different description. Somewhere along the lines of me needing an exorcism because to her I may be possessed. I love you sweetheart. For the record she plays too and supports my love of the game whole heartily.  So then moving forward then lets just call it a “healthy” obsession. In all seriousness I’m a true fan of this wonderful game, its colorful personalities, amazing landscapes and of course its rich history.  I’ve been playing golf for almost 40 years now, a single digit handicap, still working to improve my game and my swing. Who isn’t right?  The bug bit me pretty early in life. My 8th grade yearbook picture had the caption “Wants to be a Pro Golfer”  below it.  That didn’t pan out so well for me. Maybe the Super Senior Tour then? Regardless I play on. Some days are good, some are bad. Some shots picturesque, others not so much.  Some rounds  memorable, other rounds you would just rather, well you know,  forget about.  That’s just  the way it goes with this game, but we keep coming back to it don’t we?  I’ve had every number  imaginable scratched on my scorecards through the years that they sometimes would resemble a Sudoku puzzle. Every number except one number that is,  the number 1. Yes, I’m still searching for that.

My passion for golf  has given me so many great opportunities over the years, not the least of which was the joy of teaching my son to play and then watching his game take flight. We play often and will continue to play together as I look forward of growing old on the course with him. Golf  has also given birth to  many great friendships of mine and provided me a lifetimes worth of entertainment and laughs with those friends. Oh the stories I could tell.  I’ve been fortunate enough to have traveled all over the country to golf too, playing on some of the worlds most beautiful courses. I’ve been as far away as  Kauai to play (Poipu Bay, Princeville),  Maui (Kapalua), California (Torrey Pines), Bermuda, Florida,  North and South Carolina just to name a few. Not yet played Pebble Beach but its on the list. It’s on everyone’s list right? My very favorite place to play though is in Scottsdale Arizona, and the Sonoran desert.  I’ve been there many, many times with friends and family over the past 14 years to play, and just can’t get enough of it. There is something about the Arizona desert that makes me feel unlike anywhere else, seeing its  pristine looking courses with contrasting colors of green against the brown backdrop of the desert.  The tall, green cacti that line the fairways (many with embedded golf balls in them, none mine though) is a site.  It’s just an amazingly beautiful and calming  place to me.  Of course it doesn’t hurt that it never really rains there, the sun always shines and its usually pretty warm (a dry heat).  Always a plus when planning a golf trip. That’s all been great BUT……..

Like any serious golfer  it has always been a dream of mine to one day travel “across the pond”  to the Home of Golf , St. Andrews Scotland and play on the “Holy Grail” of all golf courses, The Old Course.  Plan my very own “Golf in The Kingdom” dream trip. A dream undoubtedly shared by all who love the game the way I do.  It’s  revered as such a “special”  golf trip that  I had always  planned on making it a 50th birthday gift to myself.  A way to celebrate spending one half of a century on this earth and reaching the BIG 5-0!  Not a bad birthday gift to myself right?
The thing is  I just turned 48 this past November, not 50. And guess what?  My dream trip to St. Andrews and my tee time on the Old Course takes place in only 4 months!   This  June I embark on the  golf  journey I’ve dreamt about for most of my adult life. Suffice to say I’m pretty excited about it. What’s more,  making this journey extra special for me is the fact that I get to share it with my 18-year-old son  Joe, my good friend Keith, and my cousin  Anthony.  A single foursome traveling abroad together for one week to stay and play golf in the kingdom of St. Andrews Scotland.  Along the way maybe even having each of our golf “souls” touched by this truly special place and amazing experience. That is the plan.

This blog is my personal diary of the trip, the time leading up to it, the experiences we share while there and the people taking part in it. I do hope you enjoy it.

Please feel welcomed to follow me, leave a comment, suggestion or other. Thanks and keep it in the short stuff!


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  1. Joe , I am envious ! When I worked at my previous company my territory was the UK and I got to play some of these places several times on someone else’s nickel – last time was 2004 though. You will love it. 2 pieces of advice I will share: Don’t worry so much about rain gear – make sure everything you pack is wind resistant first and foremost. Second if possible always opt for the caddy and walk. These caddies are what you’ll remember about the trip, salt of the earth with an uncanny ability to spot your ball 220 yards away in the tall stuff. ~ Dave Vig

    • Dave, Thanks for the post. As you can tell I’m pretty excited about the trip. Thanks for the info too. It’s funny what you wrote because the number one gift on my Christmas list this past year was a nice, new, waterproof and wind resistant rain suit. My wife got me a very nice Mizuno one too. Check mark! I am definitely planning to get a caddie for my round on the Old Course too – to add to the experience and all. Plus I’m bound to lose a few balls in that tall stuff as well and could use the help. Hope all is well with you and you continue to follow. Lets get out and play this year too! – Joe

  2. Where are the descriptions of your experiences on the trip? I can’t seem to find them. Having done a couple of Scottish golf trips with my son, I’m interested to learn what your impressions were.


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