“The” Letter!

It all started here….. that pretty much sums it up for me. The image here was the email I received from the St. Andrews Links Trust this past October telling me that my application for a tee time on the Old Course was approved and reserved! That was a very good day for me. I now had a reservation on The Old Course!  Actually it was more of a reward for all the thought and planning that went into putting this trip together up to that point. Nothing in life is guaranteed they say – and that’s true for a tee time on the

Old Course as well. This entire trip was predicated on the fact that we would have our chance to play the Old Course. How could we go so far, be so close to the Old Course but yet not play it? It was unimaginabtrustle to me. I wanted to be sure that we would get our chance. There was a process and a protocol to follow in order to get the coveted “slot” on The Old Course.  Not a difficult process, but one where you must pay attention to the little details on. Basically for me it all came down to getting our application in (via email) to the St. Andrews Links Trust on the first moment the window for accepting 2013 application opens up. All applications received by the “Trust” are reviewed and processed  on a first come first serve, so the sooner it got there, the better chance we had.  That window opened on September 5th, 2012 at 10:00am. That’s 10:00am  BST (British Standard Time), for me it was 5:00am local!  Yes, I would get up early, log on to my laptop and get the email with my application sent at precisely that time. And I did. Truth be told I was in a hotel room in Martha’s Vineyard, away on an overnight business junket that included playing golf at Farm Neck too. So the night before I set the alarm for 4:45am, made a wake up call for 4:50am and had my computer charged and ready to go. Ridiculous huh? It was all worth it for the application got out at 5:00am that morning and 5 weeks later I got the good news. A copy of the same image here hangs on my refrigerator door at home as my constant reminder of whats to come. You see – it is a reward!

I must  give a shout out and a very heartfelt thanks to Fiona  at the St. Andrews Links Trust reservations department  for all her assistance in making this process that much easier for me. Fiona answered  my many email inquiries over the months leading up to that day and was always there to help in any way. She was incredible. Thanks Fiona!  I will be stopping into the Links Clubhouse at St. Andrews while there to say thanks to her in person as well.


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