Welcome to my blog!

Hello Everyone!  Welcome to my personal Blog “Golf in The Kingdom”, dedicated to my upcoming trip to the “Home of Golf”,  St. Andrews Scotland. As the blog title states it’s all about a golfers dream pilgrimage to the Kingdom of St. Andrews Scotland to play The Old Course and more.  I’m that golfer. Surprise!   This is all new territory for me (blogging) but I figured this was as good a subject matter as any for me. Having a personal diary of the events leading up to and the actual trip is today’s digital version of what my parents used to call a scrapbook, so I will give it a try. Giving me something to look back on and remember what I am expecting to be such a memorable trip for me is another motive. And that’s not all that bad. If you read through some of the content you will no doubt come to find that I am an avid golfer and this trip is a very big deal for me. I’ve waited a lifetime for it. But it’s almost here now and I would enjoy sharing with anyone interested what’s on my mind. I will try not to bore you but keep you entertained. Not making any promises though.  🙂 I hope you come along for the trip with me.

Welcome to my “Golf in The Kingdom.”


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